Super Seed Hemp Seeds 250g

Super Seed Hemp Seeds 250g

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Hemp Seeds are the ultimate super food.

Packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9, Amino Acids, minerals and vitamins, these Aussie grown hemp seeds are the perfect addition to any diet. 

Well known for their anti-inflammitory properties, Hemp Seeds are a sustainable, ethical way of supporting a healthy body.

Hemp Seeds are full of good fats and highly digestible plant proteins and can be used in so many ways!

Unhulled Hemp Seeds are made from processing whole hemp seeds. Separating the crunchy outer shell, most of the hull is removed leaving the inside "hearts" of the hemp seeds. Hemp Seeds contains no Pytic Acid. (Click on the link for more info.)

Hemp Seeds are raw, vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free.

LOW THC-HEMP FOODS are now LEGAL to sell for Human Consumption and we are very proud to support Aussie farmers. 


With a slightly nutty flavour and creamy texture, our Hemp Seeds go perfectly with sweet and savoury foods.

Sprinkle over cereal, toast or salads.

Use in smoothies or blend for "Hemp Butter".

To make "Hemp Mylk" simply soak over night, blend and strain.

Like most foods, Hemp Seeds are most nutritious when they are consumed raw.

The Future is Hemp.

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