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Soap Nuts are in fact a berry that grows in many regions throughout Asia. Eco Pirates Soap Nuts come from India where they grow wild throughout the Himalayas.

Soap Nuts are a 100% natural product, they are fair trade and are handpicked and sundried, giving them an extremely low carbon footprint. They are also 100% compostable.

Soap Nuts are a great laundry product. Simply place 4-5 Soap Nuts in the small canvas bag which comes in every pack, tie the draw strings and pop them IN WITH YOUR CLOTHES in your top/frontloading washing machine. The same Soap Nuts can be used for 3-4 loads (depending on water temperature).

Eco Pirates Soap Nuts are hand packaged in Australia (by us) using only Australian recycled paper and hemp twine. This means that the WHOLE PACKAGE IS COMPOSTABLE!

Soap Nuts contain a natural surfactant, meaning that they effectively cleanse your laundry. They are fragrance-free, and leave no nasty chemicals in your clothes, towels and sheets. Simply clean and fresh.

Extremely economical, a 1kg bag of Soap Nuts will last the average family 6-8 months. It is the perfect product for young kids, people with sensitive skin and the environmentally conscious. They are septic safe, and have antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Used in combination with Oxygen Bleach, Soap Nuts can replace all your laundry products and leave you with clean, bright laundry. Soap Nuts can also be boiled down into a liquid and used with essential oils as a general purpose cleaner, great for glass and all hard surfaces!



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