Oxygen Bleach

Clean and brighten with the power of oxygen!

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Oxygen Bleach or “Sodium Percarbonate” is the combination of Sodium Bicarbonate and Hydrogen Peroxide into a colourless, crystalline, water-soluble solid.

Oxygen Bleach is the “Oxy-Action” found in many commercial and eco-friendly cleaners and works as an oxidising agent, a non-chlorine bleach. It also has a high-kill rate on many micro-organisms (including moulds) giving it sanitation properties also.

Oxygen Bleach is easy to use, its granules provide excellent scrubbing power for removing stuck-on-gunk, as a paste it’s perfect for stove and benchtops, grout and sinks, and as a liquid it can be used to bleach and brighten laundry and to clean hard surfaces.

As it is super concentrated, a little goes a long way so it is a very economical option for cleaning around the home. It’s septic safe and great for use with sensitive skin and those with “chemical free” homes.

Oxygen Bleach decomposes into oxygen, sodium carbonate (soda ash) and water leaving no environmentally harmful residue.



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